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Bathroom and Bedroom Bins

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Bolero Stainless Steel Waste Paper Bin

Capacity: 10.2L. Stainless steel. Code: CF130

£19.59 + VAT

Bolero Waste Paper Bin with Gold Rim

with Gold Rim Code: Y804

£18.61 + VAT

Bolero Waste Paper Bin with Silver Rim

With Silver Rim Code: Y805

£18.61 + VAT

Bolero Hotel Room Bin 12Ltr

Polypropylene. Capacity: 12Ltr. Colour: Powder Blue Code: DN803

£10.77 + VAT

Bolero Small Bedroom Bin 6Ltr

Rectangular. Capacity: 6Ltr. Colour: Black Code: L367

£6.28 + VAT

Bolero White Pedal Bin 3Ltr

3 litre capacity. Code: DP039

£12.73 + VAT

Bolero White Pedal Bin 5Ltr

5 litre capacity. Code: DP038

£15.67 + VAT

Brabantia Pedal Bin 3Ltr

Capacity: 3Ltr. Code: GG172

£19.59 + VAT

Brabantia Pedal Bin 5Ltr

Capacity: 5Ltr. Code: GG173

£27.43 + VAT

Pedal Bin Stainless Steel 5Ltr

5Ltr. Stainless Steel. Code: GG976

£15.67 + VAT

Rubbermaid X-Cart Black Bag 150Ltr

150Ltr. Code: GH667

£41.15 + VAT

Stainless Steel Step Bin 3Ltr

Capacity: 3 Ltr. Code: L427

£12.73 + VAT