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Adjustable Foot Caps

For bar stools U503 & U509 Code: AB844

£0.97 + VAT

Black Feet for Steel Bistro Stools & Chairs

Box Quantity: 4. Fits DL870, DL871, DL872, DL873, DL874, DL875, DL876, DL877, DL878, DL879, DL880, DL881, DL882, DL883 & DL884. Code: AE426
Pack of 4 only
£2.46 + VAT
( £0.62 + VAT per unit )

Black Fitting Plugs

For U508 & CG223 chairs Code: AB835

£1.66 + VAT

Black Fitting Plugs (4 Pack)

For Bolero outdoor teak chair. Code: AB010

£1.86 + VAT

Black Plastic Foot

For Bolero folding utility tables 4, 5, 6 & 8 foot. Code: AB008

£1.56 + VAT

Bolero Grey Fitting Plugs

Bolero Grey Fitting Plugs for CG223 U508 Chair Code: AE165

£1.56 + VAT

Bolero Nut Bolt

Bolero Nut/Bolt for Y828 Y829 Code: AB006

£1.46 + VAT

Bolero Screws and Tools

Bolero Screws & Tools for U503

£4.89 + VAT

Bolero Spare Table Base

Bolero Spare Table Base for U426 U429 Code: AB986

£6.55 + VAT

Common Fitting Plugs

For bar stools U503 & U509 Code: AB845

£1.08 + VAT

Cream PU Swatch for Dining Furniture

For GH444, GF958, GG650 and GG653. Code: AE866

£1.08 + VAT

Fixings for Bolero Highchairs DL833, DL900 and DL901 (post 2014)

Spare fixings for Bolero High Chairs

£3.91 + VAT

Foot Plugs for Bolero Pavement Furniture

For GH551 GH552, GH553, GH554, GH555, GH556, GH557, GH558, GH559 & GH560 Code: AF333

£1.08 + VAT

Grey Plug Foot

For all Bolero tables & chairs. Code: AA624

£0.97 + VAT

Natural Colour Wood Swatch

For Indoor Dining chairs CD177, CD178, CD181, CD183, CD184, CD188, CD189, CD190, CD193, CD195, CD196 Code: AC973

£0.00 + VAT

Pack of Banquet Chair Swatches

For CE142, DL015, DL016, U526, U525. Code: AE868

£1.08 + VAT

Screw-On Black Foot

For all Bolero tables & chairs. Code: AA630

£2.06 + VAT

Screws & Tools

For Bolero stackable bistro table. Code: AB836

£2.36 + VAT

Screws & Tools

For Bolero stacking table. Code: AB837

£5.78 + VAT

Screws M6x 20mm for Werzalit Table Tops

M6x 20mm. Fits Werzalit Table Tops. Pack of 8 Code: AD399
Pack of 8 only
£0.97 + VAT
( £0.12 + VAT per unit )

Screws, Spring Washers & Flat Washers

For Bolero flip tables, bistro tables & ash top tables. Code: AB838

£6.96 + VAT

Spanner Socket

For Bolero flip tables, bistro tables, ash top tables, double pedestal table & poseur table. Code: AB023

£1.66 + VAT

Spare 3 Point Harness (inc Harness fixings) for DL833, DL900 & DL901 (Post 2014)

For DL833, DL900 & DL901 Code: AF407

£5.87 + VAT

Spare Foot Plugs

For CF401 (Bolero Wicker Armchair). Quantity: 4 Code: AD755

£1.08 + VAT