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Catering Appliances

Catering Appliances

The Restaurant Supplier offers everything from commercial barbeques, microwaves, grills, blenders and mixers, as well as electric food warmers, dishwashers, rice cookers and proffessional fryers, the range is comprehensive and includes everything you need to run a busy commercial kitchen with reliable catering machines. Electrolux express Finance is a unique service, providing you access to instant finance and a range of core catering equipment that can be financed and delivered within 24 hours.

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Blue Seal Turbofan Electric Convection Oven E31D4

Power: 3.1kW. 95Ltr (4x 1/1GN). Model: E31D4 Code: CE088

£1,356.75 + VAT

Buffalo 6 Slice Toaster

Power: 2.86kW. 6 Slots. Code: CB433
£109.99 + VAT
£119.78 + VAT

Buffalo Bistro Contact Grill Double Flat

Power: 2.9kW. Double grill. Flat upper & lower plates. Code: GJ456

£323.42 + VAT

Buffalo Countertop Electric Griddle 380x 385mm

Power: 2.8kW Code: P109

£313.62 + VAT

Buffalo Double Fryer 2x 5 Ltr

Power: 2x 2.8kW. 2x 5Ltr tanks. Code: L485

£264.62 + VAT

Buffalo Folding Propane Gas Barbecue on Wheels

Power: 6.9kW. Grill surface: 870x 290mm Code: P111

£490.04 + VAT

Buffalo Heated Display Merchandiser 160Ltr

Capacity: 160L Code: CD232

£607.65 + VAT

Buffalo Manual Fill Water Boiler 20Ltr

20Ltr Code: GL347

£112.70 + VAT

Buffalo Planetary Mixer 10Ltr 550W

10ltr Code: GL190

£686.06 + VAT

Buffalo Programmable Commercial Microwave Oven 1850W

1850W Code: GK640

£558.65 + VAT

Burco Coffee Percolator

Capacity: 16L. Stainless steel. Code: CF596

£166.61 + VAT

Burco Pie Cabinet 60 Pies

Model: PC60. Capacity: 60 Pies. Code: DK857

£326.69 + VAT

Classeq Eco 2 Glasswasher Drain pump

Model: Eco 2. Drain pump. Code: CB968

£1,047.52 + VAT

Dualit Bread Toaster 4 Slice White 40355

Power: 2.2kW. Colour: White. 4 Slots. Code: F211

£137.20 + VAT

Dualit Bread Toaster 6 Slice White 60146

Colour: White. 6 Slots. Code: E975

£156.81 + VAT

Dualit Conveyor Turbo Toaster DCT2 80200

Double Feed. 360 Slices/hr. Model DCT2 Code: J416

£588.05 + VAT

Dualit Economy Hotpot Soup Kettle 71100

Graphic black. 10 litre capacity. Code: L369

£98.00 + VAT

Dynamic Junior Stick Blender MX020

Length: 225mm (9"). Capacity: 25 litre. Code: CF004

£313.62 + VAT

Fracino Little Gem Coffee Machine Semi Automatic LG1

6Ltr Capacity Code: GJ473

£1,233.35 + VAT

Hot Cupboard with Bain Marie Top 85 plates

Capacity: 85 plates. Code: G086

£1,519.15 + VAT

Imperial Restaurant Series Solid Top Oven Range Natural Gas

Natural Gas. Solid Top. Model: IR-3HT Code: CE365

From £3,230.69 + VAT

Ital Heavy Duty Meat Grinder TC22

1407W Code: GK056

£1,234.92 + VAT

KitchenAid K5 Commercial Mixer White

315W. Capacity: 4.8Ltr. Colour: White. Code: J498

£450.84 + VAT

Lincat Electric Convection Oven EC08

Power: 3kW. Model: EC08 Code: CC818

£1,260.60 + VAT