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Condiment Holders

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Acacia Wood Condiment Basket with Handle

Acacia wood. Code: DL148

£21.55 + VAT

APS Complete Cruet Set and Stand

Salt, Pepper, Vinegar & Oil Code: CF297

£15.20 + VAT

APS Cruet Set and Stand

Oil & Vinegar Code: CF296

£10.77 + VAT

APS Sachet Dispenser Box White

230x145x150mm Code: GL627

£12.73 + VAT

Cruet Rack

Holds two 5oz jars (not included). Code: C198

£8.62 + VAT

Hevea Wood Condiment Basket with Handle

Hevea wood. Code: DL149

£20.57 + VAT

Olympia Black Wire Basket

75(h) x 230(w) x150(d)mm Code: GM246

£6.85 + VAT

Olympia Galvanised Steel Table Tidy

135(H) x 245(W) x 175(D)mm

£11.28 + VAT

Olympia Galvanised Table Tidy Grey

180x155x135mm Code: GM296

£12.73 + VAT

Olympia Oak Printed Table Caddy 230mm

135(H) x 230(W) x 145(D)mm

£17.63 + VAT

Olympia Table Organiser

Chrome plated wire. Cruets not included. Code: C159

£5.40 + VAT

Olympia Table Organiser with Blackboard

150(H) x 210(W) x 160(D)mm Code: GM243

£17.63 + VAT

Olympia Wire Condiment Holder Black

235(H) x 195(Ø)mm Code: GM245

£5.78 + VAT

Olympia Wire Condiment Holder With Menu Clip

230(H) x 215(W) x 155(D)mm. Holds menu on the back

£6.76 + VAT

Olympia Wooden Condiment Bucket with Handle

Dimensions: 240(H)x 230(W)x 100(D)mm. Code: GH309

£18.61 + VAT

Pepper or Salt Cruet

For CF295 CF297 Code: CF298

£2.26 + VAT

Sachet Holder

Stainless steel. Code: U255

£8.42 + VAT

Sachet Holder Black

Colour: black. Code: CD168

£3.91 + VAT

Sachet Holder White

Colour: white Code: GH983

£3.91 + VAT

Salt and Pepper Cruet Set and Stand

Salt & Pepper Code: CF295

£6.38 + VAT

Serving Stand and Rack

Stainless steel. Code: F771

£21.55 + VAT

T&G Food Glorious Food Table Tidy with Chalkboard

140(H) x 170(W) x 270(D) Code: CL179

£23.51 + VAT

T&G Provence Wire Condiment Holder Brown

300(H) x 197(W) x 197(D)mm Code: CL487

£16.65 + VAT

T&G Two Tier Display Rack

For crate GL066. 400(H) x 335(W) x 225(D)mm Code: CL484

£58.80 + VAT