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Bourgeat Black Iron Baking Tray

Gastronorm Size: 1/1 530 x 325mm. Code: K448

£12.73 + VAT

Bourgeat Excellence Boiling Pot 17Ltr

Holds 30 pints. Dimensions: 32cm (12.75"). Lid sold separately. Code: K797

£109.76 + VAT

Bourgeat Gastronorm 1/1 Stainless Steel Roasting Dish

325 x 530 x 20 mm deep. Code: K090

£35.27 + VAT

Bourgeat Non Stick Frying Pan 240mm

24cm (9.5"). Code: K741

£21.55 + VAT

Bourgeat Tradition Plus Stainless Steel Saucepan 1.7Ltr

3pt 16cm (6.5"). Lid sold separately. Code: L231

£51.94 + VAT

Olympia Cast Iron Oval Sizzler with Wooden Stand 280mm

Size 280 x 190mm. Code: CC310

£13.71 + VAT

Olympia Wrought Iron Karahi Dish 150mm

6" diameter. Wooden base sold separately. Code: F451

£8.14 + VAT

Vogue Aluminium Baking Sheet 324x 222mm

324x 222x 20 mm deep. Code: K442

£6.38 + VAT

Vogue Aluminium Saucepan 1.1Ltr

2pt 14cm. Lid sold separately. Code: K885

£14.69 + VAT

Vogue Aluminium Saute Pan 200mm

1.6 litre. 200mm (diameter) x 46mm (depth). Code: T374

£18.14 + VAT

Vogue Black Iron Frying Pan 255mm

255mm (10"). Code: GD064

£12.73 + VAT

Vogue Black Round Casserole Dish 4Ltr

4Ltr Code: GH301

£47.03 + VAT

Vogue Non Stick Aluminium Frying Pan 240mm

240mm diameter Code: S342

£16.65 + VAT

Vogue Stainless Steel Spaghetti Basket

Stainless steel. 15cm diameter. To fit spaghetti boiler, product code: K762. Code: J719

£19.59 + VAT

Vogue Stock Pot 37.8Ltr

37.8Ltr. 370(Ø)x 366(D)mm. Aluminium. Lid (S361) Not Included. Code: S353

£75.46 + VAT

Bourgeat Elite Pro Non Stick Frying Pan 240mm

24cm. Code: K781

£53.90 + VAT

Bourgeat Non Stick Baking Tray

Gastronorm size 1/1 (530 x 325 mm). Code: K340

£22.53 + VAT

Olympia Cast Iron Oval Sizzler with Wooden Stand 240mm

Size 241 x 140mm. Code: F464

£8.34 + VAT

Vogue Deep Boiling Pot 22.7Ltr

22.7 litre. 33cm diameter x 28.6cm depth. Aluminium body and base. Code: S351

£54.88 + VAT

Vogue Stainless Steel Stew pan 12.5Ltr

25pt 32cm (12.25"). Lid sold separately. Code: M942

£57.82 + VAT

Bourgeat Aluminium Patisserie Tray

600 x 400 mm. Code: J857

£25.47 + VAT

Bourgeat Excellence Saute Pan 240mm

24cm (9.5"). Lid sold separately. Code: K764

£55.86 + VAT

Vogue Cast Aluminium Frying Pan 260mm

Code: DC701

£31.35 + VAT

Araven Colander 15in

380mm diameter. Code: DL945

£11.75 + VAT