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General Purpose Scissors

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Bonzer Multi Purpose Scissors

Code: 12231-01

£3.70 + VAT

Dick Kitchen Scissors

Length: 20cm (8"). Code: GD789

£19.59 + VAT

Fish Scissors

Stainless Steel Blades. 9". Code: D634

£23.51 + VAT

Gustav Emil Ern Universal Scissors

Stainless steel blades with plastic handles. Code: L079

£25.47 + VAT

Hygiplas Blue Colour Coded Scissors

Blue (Raw Fish). Code: DM037

£2.93 + VAT

Hygiplas Green Colour Coded Scissors

Green (Salad & Fruit). Code: DM039

£2.93 + VAT

Hygiplas Red Colour Coded Scissors

Red (Raw Meat). Code: DM036

£2.93 + VAT

Hygiplas Yellow Colour Coded Scissors

Yellow (Cooked Meat). Code: DM038

£2.93 + VAT

Kitchen Scissors

Great multipurpose tool for use both inside the kitchen and out. Code: L410

£4.89 + VAT

OXO Good Grips Poultry Scissors

240mm/ 9.5" Code: GG061

£18.14 + VAT

Triangle Pizza Scissors

Code: 12111-01

£20.23 + VAT

Victorinox Kitchen Scissors

Code: 12543-01

£17.13 + VAT

Victorinox Poultry Scissors

Code: 12547-01

£93.80 + VAT

Victorinox Scissors

Stainless steel with black nylon handles. Code: L366

£19.59 + VAT

Victorinox Scissors with Red Nylon Handles

Material: Stainless steel blade with nylon handles

£17.63 + VAT

Vogue Household Scissors

8" with plastic handle. Code: D629

£3.34 + VAT

Vogue Kitchen Plus Scissors

7" serrated blades with plastic handles. Code: D628

£3.91 + VAT

Vogue Poultry Secateurs

With concealed spring loaded handle. Code: D632

£10.77 + VAT