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Hand Held Electronic Probe

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Hygiplas Multipurpose Stem Thermometer

Suitable for liquids and semi-solids. Code: F338

£16.65 + VAT

Comark C12 Digital Thermometer with Detachable Probe

LCD Display Code: C462

£51.94 + VAT

Comark C20 Penetration Probe

For liquids, semi-solid and core temperatures (fits Therma 20, product code F320). Code: F321

£29.39 + VAT

Comark C20 Thermometer

Model: C20. Code: CF996

£71.54 + VAT

Comark C20 Thermometer Kit

7-piece thermometer kit. Code: CF965

£119.56 + VAT

Comark C28 Industrial Thermometer

Model: C28. Code: CB010

£133.28 + VAT

Comark Catercheck 3 Thermometer

Red thermometer. Temperature Range: -40ºC to +125ºC Code: CF964

£77.42 + VAT

Comark Digital Thermometer

Range -30°C to + 110°C Code: GJ465

£30.37 + VAT

Comark KM330 Thermometer

LCD Display Code: DN931

£65.66 + VAT

Comark KM330 Thermometer Kit

LCD Display Code: DN932

£94.08 + VAT

Hygiplas Catertherm Digital Thermometer

Digital Code: GG748

£29.39 + VAT

Penetration Probe 5in

For liquids and semi-solids. (Fits Microtherma 2K and 2001, product codes F330 and F339). Code: F331

£34.29 + VAT

Sous Vide Foam Tape 1m

Length: 1m. Code: GG739

£1.95 + VAT

TME MM2000 Thermometer Kit

MM2000 Thermometer, TP05 Needle Probe, SS Wall Mount Code: GG727

£117.60 + VAT

TME Sous Vide Temperature Monitoring Kit

SVK1 Code: GG729

£127.40 + VAT

TME TA12 Between Boxes Probe

TA12 Code: GG810

£33.31 + VAT

TME TP10 Sous Vide Probe for MM2000 Thermometer

TP10 Code: GG811

£23.51 + VAT