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Ice Buckets & Crushers

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Bar Ice Scoop

8" stainless steel Code: CD271

£4.60 + VAT

Beaumont Bar Ice Chipper 6 Tines

6 x Points. 230(L)mm. Code: CN965

£6.18 + VAT

Beaumont Bar Ice Chipper Single Point

191(L)mm. Code: CN964

£2.93 + VAT

Beaumont Signature Taille Ice Bucket Hammered Finish Small

180(H) x 170(Ø)mm. Code: CN942

£31.35 + VAT

Beaumont Silicone Ice Ball Mould

Makes six ice balls at a time. Reusable. Code: CN938

£9.79 + VAT

Beaumont Silicone Shot Glass Mould

Makes four shot glasses at a time. Reusable. Code: CN937

£6.85 + VAT

Ice Bucket

10 Litre. With lid. Code: D848

£26.45 + VAT

Ice Bucket & Tongs

1.3 litre capacity. Code: CP188

£30.37 + VAT

Ice Crusher Vacuum Base White

Colour: White. Code: CK717

£15.67 + VAT

Ice Cube Mould

Flexible ice cube mould. Code: C190

£1.95 + VAT

Ice Cube Tray

Blue. 32 cube. Code: CS550

£9.79 + VAT

Ice Pail With Tongs

Stainless steel finish. 1.23 litres. Code: L279

£26.45 + VAT

Ice Scoop with Perforations

Stainless steel. Code: CF647

£5.87 + VAT

Ice Tongs

Stainless Steel. Code: C192

£4.50 + VAT

Insulated Ice Pail

Stainless steel. 180(Ø) x 180(H)mm. Capacity: 2Ltr. Code: C569

£49.98 + VAT

Manual Ice Crusher

Size: 162 x 162 x 268mm. Code: C824

£42.13 + VAT

Olympia Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mould

Size: 235(H) x 100(W) x 20(D)mm. Material: Silicone. Code: DA526

£4.89 + VAT

Olympia Galvanized Ice Bucket with Lid 3.4Ltr

3.4Ltr Code: CK824

£18.61 + VAT

Olympia Mini Ice Bucket Stainless Steel 1Ltr

1Ltr / 40oz. Code: CM863

£8.34 + VAT