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Label Dispensers

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1" Vogue Multiple Label Dispenser

1" Dispenser (for 7 rolls) Code: GH347

£25.47 + VAT

1" Vogue Single Label Dispenser

1" Single Label Dispenser A plastic dispenser by Vogue for single labels, featuring a hard transparent shell which protects the label roll from any kitchen messes, as well as a light frame which can easily be fixed to the wall. Code: GH471

£7.83 + VAT

2" Vogue Multiple Label Dispenser

2" Dispenser (for 7 rolls) Code: GH348

£31.35 + VAT

Day of the Week Removable 1" Labels and Dispenser

Complete set for the whole week (7 x rolls of 1000 labels and dispenser). Code: S154

£62.72 + VAT

Single 2" Stainless Steel Label Dispenser

Compatible with Vogue Day of the Week labels. Code: DP191

£24.49 + VAT

Vogue Dissolvable Day of the Week Starter Kit with 1" Dispenser

7 rolls of 250 dissolvable day labels Code: GH474

£66.64 + VAT