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Linen Trucks

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Linen Truck Bag

Spare Bag for L616 Linen Truck (truck not included). Code: L617

£32.33 + VAT

Rubbermaid Cart Cover for 150L Cart

Cover for GH665 Code: GL997

£38.21 + VAT

Rubbermaid Cart Cover for 300L Cart

Cover for GH666 Code: GL998

£43.11 + VAT

Rubbermaid X-Cart 150Ltr

150Ltr and bag Code: S796

£148.97 + VAT

Rubbermaid X-Cart 300Ltr

300Ltr and bag Code: S797

£216.75 + VAT

Servo-X Linen Trolley

220 litre capacity. Code: L616

£98.00 + VAT