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Mussel Pots

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Mussel Pot 0.5kg

For portions up to 0.5kg. Diameter: 140mm. Code: CF269

£9.02 + VAT

Mussel Pot 1.5kg

For portions up to 1.5kg. Diameter: 220mm. Code: U264

£15.67 + VAT

Mussel Pot 1kg

For portions up to 1kg. Diameter: 200mm. Code: CD678

£11.75 + VAT

Mussel Pot Large

1kg 200mm dia Code: CG099

£16.65 + VAT

Mussel Pot Medium

0.5kg 175mm dia Code: CK902

£13.71 + VAT

Seafood Platter Stand

Stainless steel. (Tray supplied separately). Code: C050

£12.73 + VAT

Seafood Platter Tray

Stainless steel. 16" diameter. (Stand supplied separately). Code: C049

£26.45 + VAT