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Pest Control

Electric Fly Killers

Keeping your restaurants kitchen free from unwanted pests is a must, and its all possible with our selection of Electric Fly Killers and Screens.
When you use a combination of the Electric Fly Killer and Fly Screen you will see a massive reduction in the amount of pests flying round your kitchen.

The first line of defence is a metal fly screen. This is perfect for busy kitchens as you don't need to use your hands to pass through and flies are far less inclined to enter through a fly screen. For those few flies that do get through, a fly killer will attract them and exterminate them instantly.




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Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer 16W

Coverage up to 40 sq metres. 2 x 8w UV tubes. Code: Y724

£29.39 + VAT

Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer 30W

Coverage up to 100 sq metres. 2 x 15 Watt. Code: Y725

£49.00 + VAT

Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer 36W

Coverage up to 150 sq metres. 2 x 18 Watt. Code: Y726

£62.72 + VAT

Chain Door Fly Screen

Fits doors up to 900mm wide Code: F129

£93.10 + VAT

Eazyzap Glue Board for CN430 (Pack of 6)

For CN430. Pack of 6

£16.65 + VAT

Eazyzap Glue Board for CN431 (Pack of 6)

For CN341. Pack of 6

£22.53 + VAT

Eazyzap Glueboard Electric Fly Killer 52W

Coverage: 160m2. Power: 4 x 13W

£49.00 + VAT

Eazyzap Glueboard Fly Killer 26W

Coverage: 80m2. Power: 2 x 13W

£39.19 + VAT

Eazyzap Pest Killer 12W

30m² coverage. 2 x 6W UV tubes. Code: CE893

£62.72 + VAT

Eazyzap Pest Killer 30W

100m² coverage. 2 x 15W UV tubes. Code: CE894

£73.50 + VAT

Eazyzap Pest Killer 36W

150m² coverage. 2 x 18W UV tubes. Code: CE895

£83.30 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX25SS Fly Killer

Code: MEX25SS

£172.80 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX25W Fly Killer

Code: MEX25W

£144.00 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX50SS Fly Killer

Code: MEX50SS

£200.16 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX50W Fly Killer

Code: MEX50W

£172.80 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX75SS Fly Killer

Code: MEX75SS

£232.56 + VAT

Maestrowave MEX75W Fly Killer

Code: MEX75W

£209.52 + VAT

Replacement Glue Boards

Box 2 Code: AE778
Pack of 2 only
£10.77 + VAT
( £5.38 + VAT per unit )

Shatterproof Energy Saving Bulb

Power: 13W. Shatterproof Code: AE978

£7.36 + VAT