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PressDome® Vacuum Seal Food Domes are available in a variety of universal diameters and heights, perfect for vacuum sealing directly on dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls or platters. Features commercial grade scratch-resistant plastic. Perfect For
Use in Commercial Environment Catering. Prep salads, meals and desserts in advance, vacuum seal in freshness, stack neatly until ready to serve. Leak-proof, airtight seal makes for easy transport to off-site events. Assisted Living Facilities prepare meals for residents, vacuum seal, stack and deliver a warm meal to the dining hall or private room. The vacuum keeps the meal warm, allows for easy stacking and carrying, and the dome protects the meal inside so it looks appetising when it arrives. Moreover, the food is
protected from airborne contaminants

✓ 100% air tight seal and leak proof
✓ 2 Sizes, 2 heights
✓ High quality polypropylene (BPA free)
✓ Vacuum seal with just ONE press
✓ Keep meals warmer for longer
✓ Keep food fresher up to 3 times longer
✓ Easy to use even with weak hands and arthritis.
✓ Stackable for compact storage
✓ Durability tested for 20,000 pumps
✓ Microwave safe
✓ Dishwasher safe

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Pressdome Junior Low

Dome measures 190 x 57mm. Clear/Black Finsih. Code: FDSF0586

£7.74 + VAT

Pressdome Junior Tall

Dome Measures 190 x 75mm. Clear/Black Finish. Code: 12142-03

£10.19 + VAT