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Sack Trucks and Trolleys

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Chair Strap for GF944 Chair Trolley

5m. For GF944. Code: GF967

£16.65 + VAT

Chair Trolley for Polypropylene Chairs

For GD386 and GD387. Code: GF944

£126.42 + VAT

Double End Trolley 500kg

500kg Code: GL992

£421.43 + VAT

Firm Loading Platform Trolley 250kg

250kg Code: GL993

£210.71 + VAT

Folding Platform Truck

Maximum capacity: 100kg. Code: CD529

£49.00 + VAT

Folding Sack Truck 45kg Capacity

45kg capacity. Aluminium construction. Code: CD553

£32.33 + VAT

Folding Toe Truck 200kg

200kg capacity Code: GL988

£172.49 + VAT

Heavy Duty Sack Truck 300kg

300kg Capccity Code: GL987

£183.27 + VAT

Heavy Duty Stair Climber Truck 300kg

300kg Code: GL995

£225.41 + VAT

Mesh Box Cart 500kg

990(H) x 709(W) x 1180(D)mm Code: GL989

£441.04 + VAT

Platform Trolley Open End 500kg

990(H) x 709(W) x 1120(D)mm Code: GL990

£289.12 + VAT

Platform Trolley Open End 500kg

500kg capacity Code: GL991

£318.52 + VAT

Standard Sack Truck 200kg

200kg Code: GL986

£152.89 + VAT