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Stick Blenders

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Buffalo Replacement Jug with Blade

For Buffalo CD406 Blender Code: AD719

£49.00 + VAT


Fits Buffalo Heated Showcase for Bar. (Product code: U014). Code: N813

£53.90 + VAT


Buffalo Fuse for CD406 Code: AG010

£5.78 + VAT

Jar Pad

Buffalo Jar Pad for CD406 Code: AG001

£30.37 + VAT

Micro Switch

Buffalo Micro Switch for CD406 Code: AG008

£4.60 + VAT


Buffalo Motor for CD406 Code: AG009

£58.80 + VAT

Motor Brush

Fits Buffalo stick blenders. (Product code: N818 & U013). Code: N818

£10.76 + VAT

On and Off Switch

Fits Buffalo Stick Blenders (Product codes: U013 & J007). Code: N643

£9.79 + VAT

On/ Off Switch

Buffalo On/Off Switch for CD406 Code: AG002

£5.87 + VAT


Buffalo PCB for CD406 Code: AG007

£17.63 + VAT

Power Switch

Buffalo Power Switch for CD406 Code: AG003

£5.87 + VAT

Pulse Switch

Buffalo Pulse Switch for CD406 Code: AG004

£5.87 + VAT

Saftey Cutout Switch

Buffalo Safety Cutout Switch for CD406 Code: AG006

£2.46 + VAT

Set of 4 Feet

Buffalo Rubber Feet (Set of 4) Code: AG011

£3.52 + VAT

Speed Control Dial

Buffalo Speed Control Dial for CD406 Code: AG005

£6.85 + VAT