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Victorinox Knife Kits & Accessories

Knives are a personal possession for chefs so storage and protection is essential to keep them secure, safe and protected from damage. Victorinox have developed a cut resistant roll bag for when knives are in transit or simply not in use. Chefs looking for a complete set of knives and tools can choose from two cases full of essentials.

  • Secure protection
  • Complete sets for professionals or students starting out
    • Dedicated Storage
    • Steels and sharpeners designed with Victorinox knives in mind.
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Victorinox 11 Piece Cutlery Block

Code: 10204-01

£272.70 + VAT

Victorinox 8 Knife Roll Bag

Code: 12512-01

£41.34 + VAT

Victorinox 8 Piece Cutlery Block

Code: 10208-01

£233.75 + VAT

Victorinox Large Chefs Case

Code: 12545-01

£938.11 + VAT

Victorinox Magnetic Knife Bar

Code: 12546-01

£27.63 + VAT

Victorinox Rubicut Sharpener

Code: 12548-01

£21.04 + VAT