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Vogue Chip Scoops

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Vogue Tubular Handled Chip Scoop

Tubular handle. Code: L674

£5.30 + VAT

Vogue Chip Scoop

Dual handle. Code: DP022

£13.71 + VAT

Vogue Chip Shovel

8" with raised edges. Stainless steel. Code: J673

£27.43 + VAT

Vogue Flat Handled Chip Scoop

Flat handle. Code: J611

£5.87 + VAT

Vogue French Fry Bagger

Scoops and bags single portions. Code: L681

£15.67 + VAT

Vogue Stainless Steel Chip Scoop

200mm(w) x 100mm (d) Code: GC565

£10.77 + VAT