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Vogue Cling Film & Foil

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Vogue Cling Film 290mm

With Cutterbox. Dimensions: 290mm x 300m. Film 11 1/2"/290mm x 1000'/300m Code: CF350

£3.91 + VAT

Vogue Cling Film 440mm

With Cutterbox. Dimensions: 440mm x 300m. Film 17 3/4"/440mm x 1000'/300m Code: CF351

£5.87 + VAT

Vogue Aluminium Foil 450mm

Dimensions: 440mm x 75m. Foil 17 3/4"/440mm x 250'/75m Code: CF353

£6.38 + VAT

Prowrap Prof Fresh Cling Film. Code: DSLHFR4530NN

450mm x 300m

£6.00 + VAT

Baking Parchment Refill for Vogue Wrap450 Dispenser

3 rolls. 50 metre length.

£17.63 + VAT

Biodegradable Cling Film 350mm

350mm x 200m. Single Item Code: GH039

£4.89 + VAT

Clingfilm Refills for Vogue Wrap450 Dispenser

3 rolls. 300 metre length.

£19.59 + VAT

Foil Refills for Vogue Wrap450 Dispenser

3 rolls. 90 metre length.

£29.39 + VAT

Pre-Perforated Cling Film 450mm

500m. Box Quantity: 3. Code: GD149
Pack of 3 only
£26.45 + VAT
( £8.82 + VAT per unit )

Vogue Aluminium Foil 300mm

Dimensions: 290mm x 75m. Foil 11 1/2"/290mm x 250'/75m Code: CF352

£4.42 + VAT

Vogue Professional Catering Pack (440mm)

Pack Includes: 400m Vogue Cling Film, 75m Vogue Aluminium Foil and 50m Vogue Baking Parchment

£16.65 + VAT

Vogue Wrap450 Cling Film, Foil and Baking Parchment Dispenser

18" wide dispenser. Compatible with CW203 Film, CW204 Foil & CW205 Baking Parchment

£19.59 + VAT